New light mod


New flares effect.
New reflector effect
AI traffic lights improvement

Author: Dallybor


3 Responses to New light mod

  1. ------------------ says:

    This mod is Bullshit.

    The Traffic Light yellow is not yellow
    looked for green/ blue effects on Day. In the Night too.
    Updated this.

  2. Skubaan says:

    Great mod, but please, can you make this without “SPECIAL FEATURES”? I want this, bud my another mod have problem with your new rain effect and AI traffic sounds. Please, remove all “SPECIAL FEATURES” from this mode. Thank you so much!

  3. Scania_fan says:

    Why so many mods in only one? Why did you change rain? I realy don’t like this mod.
    Color of light of AI trafic if greenish, it’s not real at all.
    Dallybor don’t know how to make good mod.
    This mod is useless.

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