New Loading Bar for 1.12.x v.1.1


Some great photos to to your loading bar by MaxKrukovsky.

Works only on 1.12 or higher.

Hope you’ll enjoy!!!



9 thoughts on “New Loading Bar for 1.12.x v.1.1

  1. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Thanks for the time & effort. Works well.

  2. Lincold01

    Hi there. Can you upload it to another server, do not allow me to download I get a message “Exceeded file download limit. You can only save it to Yandex.Disk.”

  3. Exceeded file download limit. You can only save it to Yandex.Disk.

    Can you fix it or upload other site? Thx!

  4. idem c.s.

  5. truckinrebble

    Thanks Max..

  6. Great Mod! Thanks!

  7. Thank you

  8. Breaker36

    can you give me tutorial how to create loading bar

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