New Logo & Grill for Scania S 2016

new Logo & Grill for Scania S 2016
add logo for scania s
add grill for scania s from other truck



3 thoughts on “New Logo & Grill for Scania S 2016

  1. ### is this?
    The Grill I have since some Years
    and the Logos are still present.

    Credits should be by SCS !!

    1. David Camilo

      I don’t understand your rant. He added more Scania badges and the old bullbars to the new Scania, which have different bullbars and only the normal badge from SCS. I think you don’t clearly understand the author’s intention here. Don’t be such a downer.

      Nice little mod!

    2. Hello JoachimK
      I was added many grill and logo from scania streamline to scania s
      Scania s have only one logo but i was added more logo
      And change grill from other truck for scania s (add more grill)
      Did you get?


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