New logo’s styles and interior colors

New logo styles and new interiors colors for MAN, DAF, MB, VOLVO, RENAULT, IVECO, SCANIA trucks.

Author: DeRonte


9 Responses to New logo’s styles and interior colors

  1. LinXcze says:

    Bigger image possible?

  2. p.puk says:

    my lights turn red.
    normale and rooflights
    when i put it inde modfolder

  3. mar_Ch says:

    lights turned red
    interior not work

  4. Navidi says:

    Please Upload Again & fix it

  5. scania says:

    Interior work but Lumen Mark II, Lumen Mark I, Lumen Chrom lights is red possible to fix that?

    Great mod!!!

  6. ets2 says:

    mod work for me but lumen light is red :S

  7. Priezti says:

    Scania RHD interior looks great. Nicely done, no tackiness or anything. Looks factory, much better than the horrible tan colour stock one.



  8. Scorpion says:

    how i should use this ?!
    this is not a scs file :-??

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