New Majestic rim


Replace Majestic rim of v1.17 1.18 and 1.19



7 Responses to New Majestic rim

  1. Maxpower722 says:

    Link truck?

  2. Gary Senker says:

    Lol. Majestic is no longer in the game. Try updating your game and will realise this.

  3. Greg says:

    Majestic LOL. How about updating the game or if you won’t have money to buy just download the last vercion of the game from a torrent

  4. GTHusky says:

    You guys are not paying attention… *facepalm The modder is referring to the wheel; not the truck. Majestic Special is the name of the vanilla wheel this mod replaces.

    To the modder. Thank you! Very simple, but great mod. These wheels look fantastic in my New Actross đŸ™‚

  5. Paulo Oliveira says:

    Rear wheel, please.

  6. Artek210 says:

    Give a good link to the download because of that I can not download Do not dispose of this ciulowy server as wrzucicie be grateful for such a thing I can get

  7. Artek210 says:

    Nice wheels can you do the same on the back and add cool tires Mercedes

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