New map: Dangerous Roads v.1.5


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– Coopel
– Villanueva
– Arrecifes
– Paso Stelvio
– Pirineo
– Cuesta Lipan
– Saltillo
– Tamaulipas

– Add some new roads
– Bugfixes
– Removed completely invisible walls
– Business scandinavia work perfectly, etc
– Fixes errors
– Realistic nature

How to install:
1) Put the scs file in your mod folder
2) Create a new profile and activate my mod
3) Set game module to Dangerous Roads.mbd, (not europe.mbd)

Orginal authors:
AnimadoMP, Cristhian Uribe

Map edited:
Tantur Official

Play fun 🙂

Tantur official

DOWNLOAD 424 MB part 1
DOWNLOAD 154 MB part 2

70 thoughts on “New map: Dangerous Roads v.1.5

  1. Oh, finaly good map to drive.

    l be download now the map and tested 🙂

  2. when i try extract file i will have 2 errors.. FIX please

    1. TanturOfficial

      Sorry for the error 🙂

      Here is new link to download the mod.

      Click and download.

      1. Can you change the download link in the post please?

      2. The model file is still corrupt

        1. TanturOfficial

          Sorry guys for the problems with the extract files…

          here finaly is new link and download part 1 and part 2.

          Part 1 >>>>>>>

          Part 2>>>>

          Download the part 1 and part 2 and extract.

          Thanks you.

          1. too slow to download,could u use mediafire to share the mods?

          2. does it work on latest version of the game? 1.27

  3. Works On Patch v1.22?

  4. Marian.Varu

    Big like for the muzic.

  5. Hay when you going to release mario map again

  6. 2 problem when i extract , y doesn’t work ETS2 crash run at the game :/ please fixed

    1. TanturOfficial

      Hi, l created new video for you. In the video you be watch how to install the map.

      In the video is links for download the map.

  7. boa tarde , este mapa poderia ser complemento para outros mapas ficaria muito bom , espero que numa proxima att. ele seja compativel. obrigado

    Good afternoon, this map could be a complement to other maps would be very good, I hope a next att. it is compatible. thank you

  8. Travego18-Selim

    again you ‘re wasting time I download it again models corrupted file upload without pity then check ! pls pls

  9. Good health! Please give another link! Here, the archive is damaged.

    1. TanturOfficial

      Sorry guys for the problems with the extract files…

      here finaly is new link and download part 1 and part 2.

      Part 1 >>>>>>>

      Part 2>>>>

      Download the part 1 and part 2 and extract.

      Thanks you.

      1. ETS2DutchTruckerNL

        i cant copy the dangerous_roads_model.scs
        Do you now why?!

        1. ETS2DutchTruckerNL

          i would realy like to drive on your nice map i do

      2. same issue

        1. ETS2DutchTruckerNL

          do you know how to fix that?!

  10. extract model password?

  11. doge_lorde

    does this work with scandinavia and going east dlcs??

  12. Бродяга

    И снова всех наебали новой ссылкой 2 раза какчал и архив повреждённ!Удалите эту карту значит!

  13. постоянно выбивает архив поврежден

  14. Oh my god, I super super love this music, what’s its name,please?

    1. TanturOfficial

      This is my music from the video.

      Tantur – Dead morning dew

  15. can i take a job in this map ? will it crashed ?

  16. Please, reupload again

  17. link crash 🙁

    1. here is new link for part 1

      now is not winrar, only mod.

      1. ETS2DutchTruckerNL

        Sure That Works?!

      2. model password please

  18. ets2 love

    does it work with TSM map ? or not

  19. Travego18-Selim

    yet again wasted our time now controls enough people spending again part1 model file is corrupt !

  20. part 1 cant extract because is corrupt and if i turn on part 2 in ETS game will crash.. FIX THIS..

  21. WobblyCaptain

    Has anyone managed to extract the files yet ?
    As I tried part 1 and get errors.

  22. ETS2DutchTruckerNL

    I Cant Open The Dangerous_roads_model i cant Copy that!!!!

  23. map files are not extractable i have tried all links game crashes dont work for me

  24. What Order Do Files Go In Mod Manager?

  25. wobblycaptain

    Ok I manage to extract files but game crash has anyone managed to get it to work ?

    1. ETS2DutchTruckerNL

      how did you exctractr the files?!

  26. wobblycaptain

    Sorry my mistake now it works now test 🙂

  27. wobblycaptain

    Ok I now test it works but I have conflicting red textures in game I have no other mods running except dlc?

  28. Many errors. Please fix.

  29. ExperimentalTrucker

    Although I don’t know everything about ETS2, this may help some of you out there.

    One of the .scs files (dangerous roads_Tantur_Official) may be confusing a lot of you out there. It confused me also.
    Unlike the rest of the .scs files for this map, if you open up this .scs file, you will see that it contains a manifest.sii file. Wordpad usually will open the manifest .sii file.

    Once you have the manifest file opened, look at this line…

    display_name: “Beta 1.20 Red Texture Fix”

    From the little bit that I know, when a mod has .scs files containing a manifest.sii file in it, the game as it is setup at this time will only recognize the name that is in the display_name: line.

    That means, even though the name of the .scs file is,
    “dangerous roads_Tantur_Official” the name that is going to show up in your mod folder is, “Beta 1.20 Red Texture Fix”.
    Because the .scs file name is not the same as the name in the manifest.sii file, that could be making some players think that the file is not in the mod folder.

    So, if you see a mod in your mod folder saying, “Beta 1.20 Red Texture Fix”, that is the “dangerous roads_Tantur_Official” .scs file that is part of the map mod.

    I think this file should or may correct the problem that Wobbly Captain was commenting about in a earlier post.

    I hope this made some sort of sense.

    1. WobblyCaptain

      Thank you so very much after reading your comment I now have it fixed.
      Like you mentioned it can be easily over looked even more so if you have a mod manager full of lots of mods.
      And many mods still have no pic for mod manager it can make it difficult.
      Thanks again.
      So map extracted works fine map loads in game ok.
      Thank you

      1. What Is The Load Order For Mod Manager From Top To Bottom?

      2. frisianwarrior

        In what order do i have to place the mods please help

  30. great map, but it has many bugs that make the game not respond.

  31. I Get Crash. This Is My Log

  32. Truckbaehr

    Super, my Nr. 1 Map is back!
    Pase Stelvito to Pireneo my Gama Crash!
    Villanueva to Tumaulipas my Game Crash!

  33. running on 1.21.1.s ….
    tell me

    1. Truckbaehr

      I have 1.21.x

  34. Cuando quiero pasar en Paso Stelvio se cuelga el juego que puedo hacer alguien me puede ayudar por favor

  35. ETS2DutchTruckerNL

    plss answer my q : How To Copy The dangerous_roads_model In To The Mod Folder :I

  36. home does not work on 1.21.x how to please?

  37. DiogoTerroso

    I really want to change the license plate of the truck but the file have a password and i can’t do that. Can you help me TANTUR.

  38. frisianwarrior

    In what order do i have to place the mods?? Who knows? Please respond if you know. Thank you

  39. Near the town Villanueva there is an invisible wall and out of the city in the game turn cuts

  40. ExperimentalTrucker

    This took me a bit of time to do but, I was able to complete a delivery/sightseeing run from one end of the map to the other end without a crash to desktop in ETS2 v1.22 beta. (even though it says to be in v1.20-1.21)

    For the players that are still interested in playing this map, but is still having problems with the map crashing, I left some info in the video description that made be helpful.

    Picked up cargo in Saltillo
    Teleported to Arrecifes
    Attempted to do a lot of sightseeing
    Delivered cargo back to Saltillo 4155km run….COMPLETED
    It was GREAT fun playing the map once again.
    I hope to see the map get larger with more roads & cities

  41. hellow does it work on South Korea Adventure Map v 4.0???
    and i got some crash when i start to pay game so fix pls

  42. still i face the same problem while i extract ara 1

  43. 1.22 | Don’t Work
    1.21 | don’t Work

    Why did you put this mod here? It does not work.

  44. Mapa esta muito bom mesmo!
    Isto é as cidades das pontas do mapa porque as do meio da erro e sai do ets2.
    Não podem corregir esse erro?
    Gostava muito de o poder jogar obrigado.

  45. Konstantin

    Any plans on developing of this map? It’s so interesting, but hardly playable with all those bugs. 🙁

  46. Indra Dwi Arifandi

    Hello Mr Tantur, this mod work in version 1.23? i have game ETS2 but version 1.23

  47. Does this map work on the current version of the ets?

  48. Hello, I’d like to know how to change the game module to Dangerous Roads. Someone help please. Thank you.

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