New menu background & adviser Transparancy Map


New menu bacgrounnd and adviser map is transparency tested 1.9.22s



9 thoughts on “New menu background & adviser Transparancy Map

  1. co je nove

    1. ciprriano

      The blue background behind the truck

  2. willy1962

    Thanks for the transparency adviser map .
    A great addon for ETS2 .

    1. ciprriano

      You’re welcome.

    2. Indeed, that is what I wanted since I started playing this game. That and smaller mirrors when pressed F2.

  3. AlexandruM

    sa ma cac in modurile tale ……..mia futut salvarile

    1. ciprriano

      I appreciate the criticism, I’m sorry for your problem, but I have 34 mods plus my mod, and I have no problem

      1. AlexandruM

        l-am rezolvat …..dar ma enervat cumplit

  4. Cyp, i took the liberty to edit your mod, because i didn’t liked the border around the transparent map, so to anyone who also wants this, just copy to a new

    Cyp, i would suggest for you to add this to your mod.

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