New menu style v4


More new icons , almost all menu icons changed.
New style icons adviser.
New Truck brand logo in menu “All truck dealers”
New company logo in profile.
Tested 1.9.22



16 thoughts on “New menu style v4

  1. nice ken you make H.essers company logo in profile here is the picture

  2. thank you soo mouch !!!

    1. ciprriano

      You’re welcome

  3. wow i like it .norfolk & db schenker?

  4. nice, hope see of some new game version

  5. makes the interface fresh… thank you… small things can make the game enjoyable! 🙂

  6. wonderfull. well done!

  7. TruckDriver

    why i cant unzip this file? :/

    1. ciprriano

      Use 7zip to extract

  8. Nice ken you make New menu style v5 in db schenker & Raben company logo in profile here is the picture

    Thank you soo mouch !!

  9. mujahid mukmin

    nice ken you make NIPPON EXPRESS company logo in profile. here is the picture,_Ltd._logo.png

  10. ciprriano

    It is only the logos , try to put mod after the new style menu , currently working on the next version of new menu style,Waiting suggestion for most logo to put on profile.
    Until the next version, look at some pictures, what I will try to include :

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