NEW NORTH BRAZIL MAP 6.0 Convoy Ready – ETS2 1.42

New Changes:
Singleplayer and Multiplayers Convoy Ready
Better Lightning
Correction of Speed Limit
Better Texture

Map of the north of Brazil
The map contains roads of varying difficulty and with different surfaces. The map contains
200 cities in the north of Brazil.
81 bus stations with passengers.
Many updates to objects, models and roads.
New prefabs.
Hidden roads in different parts of the map. Custom
. DLC is not needed;
Many bad and boggy roads in rural areas
Own ferries
There are bus transportation on the map The map is
autonomous, to start it you need to create a profile and select the nortebrasil.mbd module.

Reinaldo Souza


4 thoughts on “NEW NORTH BRAZIL MAP 6.0 Convoy Ready – ETS2 1.42

  1. How can i use this map in ets2? when i activated in mod manager, in the game i not see anything in the map.

    1. corentin LE BERRE

      Bonjour en dessous de la langue français a tu séléctionner le brésil au lieu de europe.

      1. ok perfect, all ok.
        Thanks for your help

  2. Mindžago

    Instant crash when loading. Any help?

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