New Pack Acssesiore for all Trucks ETS2 1.35.x

How to add Mod :
Documents Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod

Install mod in Mod Manger:
Click 2 more And then you will find
that mod was activated success

Tested: 1.35.x
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7 thoughts on “New Pack Acssesiore for all Trucks ETS2 1.35.x

  1. Inside:
    “ProSvet Light Pack” from “50keda, SASq, obelihnio, Niksarli, Big T, powerkasi, vlad1590”
    “ReMoled Next Gen V1.6” from Solutech
    “50k Addons” from 50keda

    You have the Permissions from the Authors ?
    Otherwise it’s STOLEN ! 🙁

    1. Das ist ja mal wieder genau das, was ich schon immer sage. Der Admin hier stellt einfach alles hier rein, was man ihm vorlegt, ohne es vorher zu überprüfen.

  2. GermanETS2Driver

    Thanks ######! Stealer = Prison!
    In German we say “Hurenso*n”. We have to many ###### people in this world…

    1. In Deutschland nennen wir einen Dieb schlichtweg einen Dieb – so einfach ist das.
      Das Wort, das Du benutztest, wird gern von einer anderen “Klientel”, die auch hier leben darf, verwendet…


  3. These kind of pack should be used only for personal, not for public because there are mods from other authors. when players download this hit the face of original authors that has not benefit and gave not authorization for that. I know that is temptation and you think you are not harming anyone but you are … until the time you force an early retirement of several modders as has already occurred.Respect them the original modders for you own benefit

    1. These packs, these mods, already exists on Steam Workshop, so why not download from there and give some thumbs up 😉 because say thank is a good act

  4. LOVE 🙂

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