New Pack Trailer for Multiplayer

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hello my friend
New pack trailer for multiplayer

incloding 18 colors:
1.Light Violet 2.Light Yellow 3.Orange 4.Pink 5.Red 6.Violet 7.White 8.Yellow 9.Black 10.Blue 11.Brown 12.Dark Blue 13.Dark Brown 14.Dark Green 15.Gray 16.Green 17.Light Blue 18.Light Green

for Cement,Chemical Tank,Refrigerated,Tank,Insulated,Fuel Tank,Curtain,Platform Trailer

you can use on Single Player & Multiplayer

Don’t need any DLC
?You dont allow reupload?
Use the original link when sharing

Please leave feedback and requests in comments
❣️Thank you for using ❣️
Enjoy it…



6 thoughts on “New Pack Trailer for Multiplayer

  1. greas_lighting

    Hey now when you say it’s for multi you can find them inside or do you have to go single to find this trailer and can you have all the faults inside or is it only 1 fave you can use ??

    1. 1. download mod
      2. extract the file
      3. copy the scs file to document /euro truck simulator 2/mod/
      4. Start game(single player)
      5. active your favorite color trailer
      5. get trailer and save the game
      6. now start the Game(Multiplayer) Load your save
      enjoy it☺

      1. Does this mean once I drop off my trailer, I need to redo the whole process again?

  2. Killua // Ireland

    Great Mod 😀 Will you be updating it for 1.28 because it won’t work in MP no until its updated :/

  3. Hola+como+estas,+quiero+saber+si+puedes+hacerme+un+tráiler+personalizado?

  4. in trailer mano hashari mikone

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