New Police Mod by Samo


Car Crash – 2000€
Avoid Sleeping – 100€
Wrong Way – 200€
Speeding (camera) – 350€
No lights during night – 250€
Red lights – 150€

Author: Samo


5 Responses to New Police Mod by Samo

  1. elektrik 220 volt says:

    а можно увеличить до :
    авария 100.000
    превышение скорости 20.000
    Нет света в ночное время 5.000
    красный свет 30.000

  2. Sorin says:

    I respect your work.
    But this mod is crashing my game.
    My ETS 2 version is
    Have a nice day!!!

  3. john dimos says:

    hi samo i find a big bug…when the driver is ready for sleeping.The penalty for avoid sleeping start and never stop,and disappear all the money to a negative amount in a few seconds…
    CAR crash,No lights during night,Red lights works fine.

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