New Police Mod V1.1


*Fixed All Errors!

Car Crash – 2000€
Avoid Sleeping – 100€
Wrong Way – 200€
Speeding (camera) – 350€
No lights during night – 250€
Red lights – 150€

Author: Samo



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6 thoughts on “New Police Mod V1.1

  1. We don’t need this any more…We can turn it off in game.

    1. this mod not removing road offences from game it increasing penalty value

    2. Read: “NEW” Police Mod!!!

      1. Sorry~~~ 🙂

  2. john dimos

    thanks im going now to test it,because the last one crash my game..

  3. Hey dude! I use promod v201 and this police mod doesn’t work with it (game version 1.22) :/

    Please, fix it.

    Używam promod v201 i ten mod policji nie jest kompatybilny z versją 1.22 i tym modem (tak mi się wydaje, gdyż nie działa). Napraw go, proszę.

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