New Prefab v.1


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Is compatible with all map tested 1.18.x

New Hotel, Service, Garage, Car Dealer

Scs software&homers;&Blade1974;&GhostLord


8 Responses to New Prefab v.1

  1. carl says:

    in conflict with Scandinavia ferry (pink ferry)

  2. skdz says:

    is that thing structualy safe??

  3. Willy says:

    The garage doesn’t have collision on their wall so I can go in 😀
    I see a lot of error about missing texture but everything look fine on the other way.
    Great mod 😉
    Update it a bit…

  4. Luis says:

    These towers are real and very safe, they are in Madrid (Spain).

  5. Christer says:

    Doesn’t seem to work with Promods. No new service station a lot of missing textures.

    I’m using ETS 2 1.18x Promods 1.95 Both DLCs (Going East & Scandinavia)

    • Willy says:

      I have the same as you but it work well for me, only a lot of error about missing texture that a effect want to get.
      Probably a mod conflit.

  6. nportegies skins says:

    Tested in the tsm directory and Promods and works well, sit nice things hidden.
    Am now everything again skinning in this mod.
    Very nice, you can now also in the service garage with your truck and trailer to the bridge to allow for servicing.

  7. Roykirk says:

    Awesome very nice!

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