New Prefab v 2.0

New-Prefab-1 New-Prefab-2 New-Prefab-3

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Is compatible with all map tested 1.20.x
New Hotel, Service, Garage, Car Dealer, Recruitment Agency, Small Gas Station

To be contınue

Respect download link! Thanks!

Authors: Scs software, homers, Blade1974, GhostLord


6 Responses to New Prefab v 2.0

  1. nmgsyp says:

    crap !!!!!

  2. Ghostlords says:

    shut up moron !!!!

  3. icebeer75 says:

    Hi Guys Thanks for the great mod Works great except unfortunately in Stockholm there crashes unfortunately the game from me it looks to you again and tells me obs on my game lies Thanks

  4. peter says:

    Hi there, looks great, service and hotel ok, but at the driver for hire building the floor is bright red.
    i’m using promods and poland rebuilding with rusmap. version 1.9.7 and i was driving in Budapest.
    Maybe you can fix this error, i like your mod!
    Perhaps you can do something about the garage too? Small and big garage, it can use a facelift. Keep up the good work, and for the complainers, try to make something for yourself or just shut-up!
    Well done my friend you will get there.

  5. Christer says:

    Still doesn’t work for me in Scandinavia but it works in “The Old Parts of the Map” I get bright Red areas with black text says “Missing Textures” in Scandinavia.

    I have latest ETS 2 Steam edition both DLCs (Scandinavia and going east) and Promods.

  6. Theosz says:

    please, make a real compatible to v1.20

    in my pc using only this mod has many issues in game.log.txt – some images are red bright,

    please, fix them

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