New Prefab v 3.5

New-Prefab-1 New-Prefab-2 New-Prefab-3

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Is compatible with all map tested 1.21.x

This mod adding:
– New big garage open doors
– New big, small truck dealers open doors
– New service
– New Otel
– New Recruitment agency
– New Gas station Small
– All The Service Staff

Respect download link! Thanks!

Authors: Scs, Xnoxs, Blade1974, Ghostlord


17 thoughts on “New Prefab v 3.5

  1. where get this truck please any link please

  2. :)) …. same here, I don’t care about this mod, but that truck look awesome..

    In fact, I think this it was and his goal, to show us the truck, and not the mod. … 😛 …… or both..

    1. Everything you say is true))) In the video, the author decided to boast private truck)))

  3. дальнобой

    грузовик приват или нет

  4. This skin Truck DAF, and the wheels from Scania STAX.

  5. ScaniaFan89

    Thats a modified Scania R1000, the headlights have been flipped & put on the roof & the grill looks similar to the renault t design..

  6. Who asked the DAF, you can pick up, but immediately warn that the entire log is red.

  7. Интересная машинка как раз для тех кому надоел дефолт

  8. If anyone need this truck, here’s the DAF –

  9. Да забыл сказать спасибо авторам за работу и не слушайте отрицательные отзывы

  10. Still not very compatible with Scandinavian DLC. No new buildings in Scandinavia only new tiles on the ground, game crashes when upgrading a scandinavian garage to Large Garage. I’m using Steam ETS2 1.21.x 64 DLC Scandinavia Going East latest Promods.

    When starting a new profile with the DLCs and this mod only (No other mods activate) the game crashes.

  11. EvgenKo423

    Excuse me sir, did you get my permission to distribute “All The Service Staff” mod in your package? Did you even asked me?
    No, you didn’t.

    You can say in your description, that you recommend to use your mod along with “All The Service Staff” mod and provide a link, but you are not allowed to include it in your package just like that!

    1. EvgenKo423

      And you didn’t even mention me in credits! Oh, Jesus…

  12. Мод создан исключительно для дефолтной карты без учёта DLC Скандинавия. На Скандинавии и других картах будут неизбежные вылеты игры на рабочий стол. Лог у мода красный. Автор до сих пор не удосужился исправить ошибки, которые переходят из одной версии в другую. По сути с этим модом играть нельзя.

    Maud created exclusively for the default card excluding DLC ​​Scandinavia. In Scandinavia and other maps are inevitable game crashes to the desktop. Log from fashion red. The author still has not bothered to correct the errors that are moving from one version to another. In fact, with this mod you can not play.

    1. simrussia

      полностью поддерживаю) вылеты постоянные с этим модом.

  13. never again this item crashed my game 4 times. it’s never gonna happen again I can tell you

  14. exuseme how to install this file??

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