New Real Economy v3.1.9


Prohibition of changing the link!
Respect my work!
Do not get out to other forums!

Verbot der Änderung der Link!
Respektieren Sie meine Arbeit!
Lassen Sie sich nicht auf andere Foren!

In newest version:
A more realistic prices mandates, ferries, etc.



3 thoughts on “New Real Economy v3.1.9

  1. What is in it ? Keep up good job

  2. FatLizard

    Misiek108 … description ? Informations ? … Changes ? I feel so dumb to download your file … inside there are double files (error ?) and a couple of Readme.txt about 41Mb (???) full of nothing … It seems something’s went wrong or maybe you are just kidding the users of this site … Waiting for a reply … Thx.

  3. Yeah, something wrong indeed.
    An economy and some ferry sii-files should not be more than max 30KB and certainly not 128MB

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