New Realistic Flarepack with slow down

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New Realistic Flarepack
– added new Flares
– added slow down function
– fix Errors
– test on new Version 1.26

Sergx54, Skinmaster


11 thoughts on “New Realistic Flarepack with slow down

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.26…

  2. I have not worked

  3. It is nice for its slow down function. Otherwise, it is terrible. There are many nice flarepacks, eg by abasstreppas… by Virtuell FLeurs van den Eijkel & Z3d Freaks Germany (I use this one & I’m happy with it)

    So…there is much to ponder

  4. TeddyBear


  5. breizhdave

    For me it does not work

  6. Hello, mod work fine, but on lamp “Led White 1” is red block, this same is on front spoiler(Above windscreen). I ride on Scania RJL v2.1, and many, many mods like additional lights ( P8 light, Necromancy, Accesory Remoled etc) Where is problem? What i must delete, to work correctly?

  7. mstfcbngl

    box office is texture not found

  8. pls fix barrier with promods this not texture xD sory fot maj ingliszz

  9. JMpower85

    In 1,27 the Tolls stop working

  10. Luis46110

    fix crash 1.38 pls pls pls

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