New Renault interiors


Here are my new Interior for the Renault Magnum and Renault Premium in wood and leather. Works on left hand and right hand and isfor privilege, excellence, Route 66.
Tested in V1.31
Author: Bronco


10 Responses to New Renault interiors

  1. Bernie says:

    Friendly interior. Well done, thank you.

  2. Oselotti says:

    Prelep enterijer. Svaka cast!

  3. marcelofs says:

    The interior is very beautiful.
    But no one can create a realistic tachometer. With proper lights. The Renault dashborad in ETS2, is the least realistic and detailed of all trucks. Obviously, SCS does not like Renault …
    They are the most neglected of all trucks!
    Sorry for the comment, but it’s true.
    Bye, Marcelo.

  4. RenaultDriver says:

    Thanks alot for uploading this! this is my new interior on my truck now!

    I wanted to ask if you can maybe fix a navigation system and maybe some curtains on the side and at the front?

    Thanks alot

  5. Bronco says:

    Nice to hear that you like this mod.
    Its my first Interior what i have created.
    In this case, i can’t fix the gps in the moment.
    For curtains you have to creat it with zmodeller
    i think, so negativ again.


  6. RenaultDriver says:

    No problem :)thanks again

  7. Melore says:

    Nice job,but this mod don t work with gps,Bronco you now how change color of display to bleu cyan?Tanks!

    • Bronco says:

      Sorry, don’t know how to change the Color.
      when you change something in one Truck it change
      it in two or more Modells.

  8. ajiseno20 says:

    Does it have rhd version? Im Indonesian so im driving with rhd cars

  9. Jake88 says:

    left wiper is messed up with this interior (

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