New Republic of Aloma 1.32

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-Start By a new game in the gaming unit to choose: a.mbd
– For correct work you need DLC “Viva la France”, “Heavy Cargo Pack”, “DLC – Italia”, “Dlc Oversize (Special Transport DLC).
-Attention! If the card does not work, it means that not all DLC are installed or hampered by other people’s fashion!



13 Responses to New Republic of Aloma 1.32

  1. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test

    • aretei says:

      This video is not suitable for a new card! Do not enter people into confusion. I already posted a video.

      • JoachimK says:

        Hello, aretei,
        he does this only to make Money as the most not serious YouTouber. 🙁

        • neranjana says:

          no i am not. i cant make new videos.because my pc was broken.since 2 weeks. so i just help you guys about that mod. i love this game as much as you love. sorry for my mistake ???

          • papaghostPT says:

            to help?? how are you going to help if you’re presenting a video of an older version of this map, you’ll only be able to confuse people who do not know this map I have to agree with JoachimK its only to make Money.sorry for my mistake LOL

  2. nias144 says:

    can this work with 1.31xx version

  3. RX(Kaspersky) says:

    Didn’t work with 1.31.Corrupt save.Is not compatible or i have wrong order of the map?

    • aretei says:

      Most likely at 1.31 will not work! Many changes were made to 1.32

  4. peperebvs says:

    Slt Aretei, your mod does not work for me, even creating a new one and without other mods, why?

  5. Alin says:

    You can do it for the version 1.32.x

  6. hola …no aparecen cargas en ninguna de las ciudades del mapa…Porque??

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