New Republic of Aloma 1.32

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-Start By a new game in the gaming unit to choose: a.mbd
– For correct work you need DLC “Viva la France”, “Heavy Cargo Pack”, “DLC – Italia”, “Dlc Oversize (Special Transport DLC).
-Attention! If the card does not work, it means that not all DLC are installed or hampered by other people’s fashion!



13 thoughts on “New Republic of Aloma 1.32

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test

    1. This video is not suitable for a new card! Do not enter people into confusion. I already posted a video.

      1. Hello, aretei,
        he does this only to make Money as the most not serious YouTouber. 🙁

        1. neranjana

          no i am not. i cant make new videos.because my pc was broken.since 2 weeks. so i just help you guys about that mod. i love this game as much as you love. sorry for my mistake ???

          1. papaghostPT

            to help?? how are you going to help if you’re presenting a video of an older version of this map, you’ll only be able to confuse people who do not know this map I have to agree with JoachimK its only to make Money.sorry for my mistake LOL

  2. can this work with 1.31xx version

    1. I did not check.

  3. RX(Kaspersky)

    Didn’t work with 1.31.Corrupt save.Is not compatible or i have wrong order of the map?

    1. Most likely at 1.31 will not work! Many changes were made to 1.32

  4. peperebvs

    Slt Aretei, your mod does not work for me, even creating a new one and without other mods, why?

  5. You can do it for the version 1.32.x

    1. This is 1.32 !!!

  6. hola …no aparecen cargas en ninguna de las ciudades del mapa…Porque??

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