New rims And wheels for all trailers


Rims and wheels for all trailers Tested in 1.21 version



10 thoughts on “New rims And wheels for all trailers

  1. I don’t know how did you tested them, but for me, at least, this mod not work. In the rims or wheels menu, for each truck, don’t see them.

    1. Walter Plinge

      If you read the description… It says FOR ALL TRAILERS!

      What scares me more is that you are our future when people like me get old!

      Have a good one 🙂

      1. rockchevelle

        hahaha :p

      2. @Walter Plinge – don’t be so scared, I’m too old to change your generation, on the contrary, I’m afraid that you are the guy, who will follow after me, to the future.

        So, we’re really lucky that such a smart guy, like you, will be the next….

        1. rockchevelle

          Quiet not fight relax bros

          1. Oh, but it’s not a fight, far away from me this, but when I see this kind of kids, full of themselves, when they see that someone made a mistake, how quickly jumps to their neck, with their “smartest” jokes, I can’t abstain.


          2. Walter Plinge

            My leaned friend Terra…

            Thank you for not taking offence at my light-hearted comment, as none was intended. I didn’t become a member here to jump on people or attack their comments. I thank you for seeing it as it was intended.

            I’m glad it got a laugh. I like the way that you refer to me as a “kid” lol. Makes me feel young again.

            My sincere respect and kindest wishes to you Terra.

            Walter Plinge (UK 46 years old!)

          3. My leaned friend Walter Plinge…

            I’m also glad that I didn’t wrong when I called you: kid, (at least for me).
            Best wishes, (Terra RO – 57 years old)

          4. rockchevelle

            I think the only child I ‘m here lol, I have 24 years and I am from Mexico =)

  2. rockchevelle

    What version do you have?

    if you have other other mod wheel trailers to disable it

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