New Road to Asia v1.3 – ETS2 1.43

Your gateway to the Asian continent is here – welcome to Road to Asia by TerraMaps! Venturing through the scenic nations of Central Asia and beyond, RTA will bring you to new worlds and nations through the Asian continent as it expands. Enjoy the vanilla version or a road connection with Great Steppe to truly bring you longer drives to enjoy!

Developers comments:
Recommended specs for Seoul, Dandong, Ashgabat, and Pyongyang:

Buffer size in ETS2 config: minimum 20 (required)
CPU: Intel i5 6600 or AMD Ryzen 5 (1st gen)
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 series or greater (or AMD equivalent)
SSD is recommended, need at least 13GB of free space for ETS2 + required DLC + Road to Asia mod
Memory: 8GB of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM
Version 1.3:

New cities: Seoul, Incheon (SK), Chongju, Sinuiju (NK), Dandong, Dalian (CN)
Bugs fixed from 1.2/1.2.1
New ferry/rail makeup, Dalian Port is now the new Ferry Hub, Valencia Optional Ferry Mod will drop Turkmenbashi and instead have Valencia-Dalian instead, from there, take a railway from Dalian to Wuqia to enjoy the rest of Road to Asia (or use TGS for constant road connections from Europe to Asia)
Rail line from Balkanabat closed. Rail connection between Wuqia and Dalian opened
New models (Yurts, Chinese style houses, Korean landmarks and shops, Dynamic Billboards in Seoul, and many more props)
New signage in Pakistan
New signage in Xinjiang with Uygher language
Prefabs and other fixes from 1.2/1.2.1
Locale fixes from 1.2/1.2.1
Border areas with localized police and custom officers
Custom terrain/Afghanistan desert reworked
Overlays added in Tajikistan
RTA 1.3 Known Bugs

RC issue may be present with TGS in certain load orders
Navigation at Dandong intersection south of Border Checkpoint on prefab does not fully show connected
Flickering dynamic billboards in Seoul from a far distance




6 thoughts on “New Road to Asia v1.3 – ETS2 1.43

  1. How do I install the mod? I set the priority according to the video but when the game starts it still is the europe map. I don’t see any option for changing maps. I believe I have all the DLCs

    1. It is indeed still the Europe map, you need to go very far to the right to see it.
      I would recommend combining this mod with ProMods Complete Afroeurasia Background Map by DOWL. you can download it from the steam workshop.

  2. HI! Can someone help me. When I open ETS2 , and try to put the mode on, it is saying that it is incompatible! Why? Cuz I have the 1.43 version from Steam.

    Please help!

  3. Dug Wolfe

    Thanks you rip-off shits. I paid for a pile of #### that doesn’t work. I cant even SEE Asia, YOU ######

  4. Dug Wolfe

    Top of mod manager
    Paris Rebuild v3.1
    Ukraine Expansion – E58 – Connector v.0.1
    Ukraine Expansion
    Red Sea Map 1.3.3 Def/Map
    Red Sea Map 1.3.3 Assets
    ProMods Middle-East Add-On 2.60 Def & Map
    ProMods Middle-East Add-On 2.60 Assets
    ProMods 2.60 RusMap 2.43.1 Road Connection
    RusMap 2.43.1 Map
    ProMods 2.60 Def (with map zoom compatibility checked)
    ProMods 2.60 Map
    ProMods 2.60 Models 1
    ProMods 2.60 Models 2
    ProMods 2.60 Models 3
    ProMods 2.60 Media
    ProMods 2.60 Assets
    RusMap 2.43.1 Def
    RusMap 2.43.1 Models
    RusMap 2.43.1 Models 2
    Road to Asia Fixes (RTA121 prefab Update)
    Road to Asia 1.2.1 Def/Map
    Road to Asia 1.2.1 Assets
    Road to Asia 1.2.1 Models
    The Great Steppe Fixes
    The Great Steppe 2.0 Def
    The Great Steppe 2.0 Map
    The Great Steppe 2.0 Model 1
    The Great Steppe 2.0 Model 2
    Volga Map English city names
    Volga Map Def
    Volga map Model
    Southern Region English city names
    Southern Region Map 10.9 Def & Map
    Southern Region Map 10.9 Models 1
    Southern Region Map 10.9 Models 2
    SibirMap 2.2.0 Map & Def
    SibirMap 2.2.0 Model
    Bottom of mod manager
    WE NEED ALL THIS??????

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