New Scania R & S Series V8 Stock Sound

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This truck is by far the best one made by SCS.
I made a stock V8 sound for it, based on some real videos and with some scs samples.

Respect the author and do not change the download link

Kapitan Kriechbaum


13 Responses to New Scania R & S Series V8 Stock Sound

  1. polkinghorne says:

    very good sound Kapitan Kriechbaum best one so far

  2. plamine501 says:

    Great sound!!

  3. jackco says:

    rally car sound…not truck

    • káposzta123 says:

      You are dumb as hell! Go, listen to a real next gen Scania before saying such a miserable stupidity -.-

    • Jm says:

      75% realism compared to the original sound. Only Mr. Vasily (Engine Voice Records) can recreate between 96 to 100% the original sound.

  4. darkexplorer64 says:

    Incredible sound, HD test:


  5. BEAST says:


  6. Ivelin says:

    I usually dont use a lot of mods, and when i do, i only use popular mods with proven quality, but i have to say this mod is amazing, it is very realistic, the blinkers sound very nice, and the engine sounds exactly how it needs to be: powerful, loud and rough ! Amazing mod ! Would like to see more mods from you, perhaps for the other trucks ?

  7. Trucker_Bob says:


  8. Driverstein says:

    Video with this amazing sound:

    Thank you Kriechbaum!

  9. handyman says:

    magnifique son tres bon pour les oreil encore une fois de plus Kriechbaum! merci

  10. not like says:

    I dont like this sound mod, because it sounds like low quality/low bitrate audio file

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