New Scania S 2016 10×10

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tank size: 8600
adblue tank size: 1200
Truck: 30Ton
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21 thoughts on “New Scania S 2016 10×10

  1. DeXterGamer

    10×10 ### 😀

  2. disel tank 8600 L, adblue 1200 L – are you 1d1ot?!
    Can you show where is it placed ?

    1. LOL I think its under the driver’s seat..###### design!

  3. Next time 30×30 and 349583945737257320457325 l diesel tank, please. Thx

  4. Angel Montejano del Moral

    otro enlace de descarga seria posible??

  5. kevin.s.schneider

    dieser mod geht nicht bei mir, warum?? sieht gut aus aber geht nicht.

  6. 10×10+1.30++Is+it+okay+to+make+one?

    1. Sorry, normal is 1.31.xx and we have still the Beta 1.32.###
      So why going back ???

  7. Ugly as hell, i prefer 4×2

  8. ##### mod!

  9. MOD 做个1.30 10×10底盘呗

  10. ismail ozdemir

    I would prefer a 10×4 chassis with a different formation as RJL has… a mounted crane/winch may look spectacular… I still miss zeeuwse truck…..

  11. Barend Vink


    Would you also like to make 6×2 6×4 and 8×4 a mod?

    El Barend Vink

  12. Driverstein

    Great mod!

  13. It doesn’t look like 10×10 to me.
    Ahh the RJL Scania was probably the best Scania mod we will ever have, its a shame he stopped modding.

  14. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.32…

  15. David Camilo

    That’s 10×4*6 actually…

  16. By the time the version for 1.35.x, it was up to 1.34.x, but this time with a 2000l fuel tank it will be more credible

  17. The mod have error. It is always red.

  18. spectrum7glr1

    can some one update this scania s 10×10 to v1.44 or v1.45

  19. Update this mod please!

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