New Scania S 2016 10×10

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tank size: 8600
adblue tank size: 1200
Truck: 30Ton
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17 Responses to New Scania S 2016 10×10

  1. DeXterGamer says:

    10×10 OMG 😀

  2. TRUCKER says:

    disel tank 8600 L, adblue 1200 L – are you 1d1ot?!
    Can you show where is it placed ?

    • Hauler says:

      LOL I think its under the driver’s seat..stupid design!

  3. Rancilio says:

    Next time 30×30 and 349583945737257320457325 l diesel tank, please. Thx

  4. Angel Montejano del Moral says:

    otro enlace de descarga seria posible??

  5. kevin.s.schneider says:

    dieser mod geht nicht bei mir, warum?? sieht gut aus aber geht nicht.

  6. 卡车 says:


    • JoachimK says:

      Sorry, normal is 1.31.xx and we have still the Beta
      So why going back ???

  7. K320 says:

    Ugly as hell, i prefer 4×2

  8. BigJhon says:

    ##### mod!

  9. 卡车 says:

    MOD 做个1.30 10×10底盘呗

  10. ismail ozdemir says:

    I would prefer a 10×4 chassis with a different formation as RJL has… a mounted crane/winch may look spectacular… I still miss zeeuwse truck…..

  11. Barend Vink says:


    Would you also like to make 6×2 6×4 and 8×4 a mod?

    El Barend Vink

  12. Driverstein says:

    Great mod!

  13. meow says:

    It doesn’t look like 10×10 to me.
    Ahh the RJL Scania was probably the best Scania mod we will ever have, its a shame he stopped modding.

  14. JGaming HD says:

    Hd video 1.32…

  15. David Camilo says:

    That’s 10×4*6 actually…

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