New Scania S and R 1900 HP and 4000 HP Engines

Powerful engines for the new Scanias from update 1.30
1900 HP Engine, 7600 Nm specially made for the 99t roadtrain quad trailers,
and 4000 HP Engine, 9900 Nm, bonus engine
also includes 6 speed allison R for automatic users

Only for SP.
Compatible with all mods, v1.30+



4 thoughts on “New Scania S and R 1900 HP and 4000 HP Engines

  1. Good job. Remember to modify the name of the mod files so you do not know that you have copied them.

  2. Why make such unrealistic HP for trucks? You will never see a truck on the road with 4000 HP.

  3. scania_dragon

    complete nonsense

  4. Don’t work! 🙂

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