New SCS Reefer


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Test on Version 1.15.x
PSD files (templates) are included. So you can make your own skins.
To use the trailer with my refrigeration economies suggest two Modica, with which you will be able to include the necessary options for the trailer. How? Inside, read the instructions. Just by using this mode, you can easily register your trailer. Enter the details of your trailer to a file and repack chacis_q.sii mod.

SCS, oq37


3 Responses to New SCS Reefer

  1. paul says:

    very nice just wish you made them standaloan because I play the game with refrigerated trailer packs not the scs game trailers got a mo that removed them but verynice trailers

  2. paul says:

    (mod not mo lol)

  3. wegger says:

    Standalone or replace cooliner ?

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