New Service

This mod replaces one of the service and repair stations.
The station has been fully rebuild and adds some stuff like workers, parking trucks
and an animated truck washing machine.

Changes and Additions:
added a few more details
*truck lift’s has been moved further inside the workshop
animation of the cross brush has been slightly increased
the washing station is now animated in all cities where the station exists
brush added for the truck front and the trailer top
added a barrier (no collision yet) which opens when the cleaning is finished
added a passage for the washing station
truck lift has been moved forward towards the entrance
added washing device for trailers

Updated to 1.48.x



6 thoughts on “New Service

  1. It seems like a fake mod. IT DOESN’T WORK FOR ME!
    Don’t download.

  2. das ist die steam version läuft nicht in allen Städten aber sogar mit der Promods

  3. It doesn’t work legally…..

  4. how is this not gone?! LITEARLLY AINT WORKIN

  5. FuckYouAllBitches

    Fake hat immer noch DX11 ERROR

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