New Slovakia Map by KimiSlimi V18 Full

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New Slovakia Map by KimiSlimi V.18 – FULL VERSION = SUMMER SPECIAL

We have Update V.18 !!!!
(This time it’s FULL and DEMO together ?)

What is New?
+ Added City Sobrance
+ The city of Bratislava has been rebuilt with new roads
+ Connecting the route from Trnava to the Czech Republic with TRE-ET
+ Finally, the town of Humenné was added with the entire settlement under Sokolej
+ Fixed Bugs across Map
+ Map Updated to game version 1.35
+ Freeway between Brno and Ostrava
+ New connections with Humenné – Michalovce, Trebišov Michalovce, Nitra, Šaľa
– Removed village Fekišovce
+ Fixed Mistakes with GARAGES, COMPANIES and TRUCK DEALERS!!

Why FULL for FREE now?
– Throughout the summer holiday, I will not pay much attention to the map, which means that you will have FULL Version for free to 14.8.2019 ?
– Sometimes I add photos from the editor, because if I am at home, I will work in the editor
– I will start making map from celebrating the anniversary of the map on August 14, 2019
– Of course if you have a problem with the map, write me
– You can also pay to the map during June and July.
– Still needed DLC East and DLC Baltic Sea

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12 thoughts on “New Slovakia Map by KimiSlimi V18 Full

  1. my game is crash

  2. Crash, not working!!

    1. KimiSlimi - New Slovakia Map

      DLC Balt and East?

      1. i have all dlc. no other mods.

  3. Did you Fix the chrash casued by Italy Dlc`?

  4. Mapa wymaga osobnego modułu??

  5. That works, but there are no textures in the area of the gas stations

  6. Crash nie działa

  7. RebelCopyrights

    It crashes duo to DX11 not being implemented!
    This is an experimental #### from ets2 they just added this option but not optimised or improved it. It just remove the DX9 limit and extends it to DX11 and your GPU can run it smoothly or slightly better but mods need to support this too otherwise they will crash.

  8. Every month KimiSlimi have a tradition – release non playyable #### with a lot of bugs. Game crash. Map maybe good. I dont know))

  9. Zastanawiam sie czy wogole mapa dziala komus skoro kazdy pisze ze ma crasha

  10. Werkt niet, crahst

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