New Slovakia Map by KimiSlimi V9

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It’s New Slovakia Map with all of Europe countries. You will need expansion – ETS 2 Going East.

– 14 New Slovakian Cities (Humenné, Snina, Vyšná Jablonka, Roškovce, Hostovice, Michalovce, Trebišov, Poprad, Nitra, Trenčín, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Považská Bystrica, Šaľa, Nové Zámky)
– 2 New Ukraine Cities (Ужгород, Великий Березний)
– 4 New Slovakian MiniCities (Svidník, Ružomberok, Zvolen, Trnava)
– Real Slovakian Roads and Signs (with some road changes)
– For version!!!!
– Thanks For Downloading!!!!

1. Download from this website
2. Open europe.rar
3. Copy europe.scs to folder: mod
4. Enjoy and Play!

(The map is called europe, because it’s maked to europe.mbd)


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15 Responses to New Slovakia Map by KimiSlimi V9

  1. gwenadu2010 says:

    Add the H in front of the link address 😉

  2. crashingbill001 says:

    download link is not active!

    • KimiSlimi says:

      You must put https, because its my fault I put ttps

    • RebelCopyrights says:

      link is invalid cos there is ttp instead of http so just type ,,h,, to the front and it will load up

  3. Ranach says:

    Compatible with promods?

  4. Paul says:

    I dont see any scs files in archive. The game does not see rar archive, should I change the extension to scs or zip, or unpack this?

    • KimiSlimi - New Slovakia Map says:

      Unpack rar file and in it is europe.scs

      • daz says:

        I see what Paul is saying now, the rar you made KimiSlimi does not
        have an scs file inside it, it is all the files that should be inside the scs.
        I will try this map again, with versions 7 and 8 it crashed my game
        when I tried to fix or alter my truck at the workshop.

        Paul, you could extract the rar then rezip it using compression method STORE then change the .zip to .scs, it will work then 🙂

  5. savade says:

    map works, but an error occurred in the trailer browser 🙁

  6. savade says:

    map works, but an error occurred in the trailer browser 🙁

    • daz says:

      This version crashes at the workshop just like the previous versions.

  7. Topolino says:

    The file is still way too big. You only have to include the mod files that you’ve edited.

  8. Tonzo says:

    Maybe i´m crazy but when i unpack the .rar file there is no .scs or .zip file in it. A lot of maps and stuff to create a .scs or .zip file i believe (if you know how that works). For me personally i would say that if you release such a product you never will become rich !

  9. gmtavares says:


    I’d love to use this map alongside ProMods… But it seems you have your file structure wrong… You only need to upload files you edit 😛 Like map, def… And even then, only of the sectors & defs you create. Hope you get around to uploading it correctly.

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