New Slovakia Map

It’s New Slovakia Map with all of Europe countries. You will need expansion – ETS 2 Going East.

– 5 New Slovakian Cities (Humenné, Snina, Vyšná Jablonka, Roškovce, Hostovice)
– Real Slovakian Roads and Signs (with some road changes)
– For version
– In next Update will be 3 New Cities (Michalovce, Trebišov, Sobrance)
– Thanks For Downloading!!!!

1. Download from this website
2. Open europe.rar
3. Copy europe.scs to folder: mod
4. Enjoy and Play!

(The map is called europe, because it’s maked to europe.mbd)



12 Responses to New Slovakia Map

  1. WhydontuworkwithPromods? says:

    Hey you should work with ProMods team slovakia need a huge rebuild there too and more people would be happy than posting it here .

  2. Beth says:

    v1.31 Or v1.32?

  3. fkng5 says:

    Díky kápo, presne na takéto dačo som čakal 😀

  4. Topolino says:

    Mod contains very, very, very much unnecessary files like city defs or way too much map files: You need only the files of the sectors you worked on. And autosave files aren’t needed.
    Without those files, your mod would be way smaller. 😉

    • KimiSlimi - New Slovakia Map says:

      Ok, thanks. And it’s new update, Check my FB Page: ETS 2 – New Slovakia Map by KimiSlimi

  5. trucker says:

    Po wgraniu moda giną wszystkie ciężarówki u dilerów.

  6. Georgo says:

    You will do full republic ?

  7. KimiSlimi - New Slovakia Map says:


  8. JINMAO says:


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