New Sounds for Peterbilt 379 EXHD


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This mod replaces the engine sounds of the truck with new sounds originally from Rig ‘n’ Roll.

The sounds recorded are from the following engines:
– Caterpillar C15 Series – no specific engine as the folder the sounds were originally in was just labeled “Caterpillar C15”
– Cummins ISX 565
– Cummins ISX 370

Authors: TruckerKid, Stas556, 1C Company, SCS


9 thoughts on “New Sounds for Peterbilt 379 EXHD

  1. MidniteTrain

    I don’t mind these sounds, good but would like to hear Air Start not electric start please.

    1. patrickbarton

      Peterbilt 379s are all from the factory electric start.

  2. LazMohawk

    Why do you just holding in one place and making noise !? Take a drive on the road and let’s hear the gearchanges ! I’ve have DL sound before and when you drove, it sounded like ####.

  3. Kriechbaum’s mod is better with this truck..
    Your mod doesn’t include signal sound when engine starting and less realistic..

  4. Chrisknowseverything

    Ok… This had got real old real fast. If your going to make sounds do them right and not take from another game. Because these sounds are from a game called Rig N Roll. I know this because I still play it but still don’t take from other games and do it right.

    1. AnthonyP.

      You should’ve read the description before you stated the obvious…


    LOL! Good one AnthonyP.

  6. James60470

    Cat sounds like a cummins, too much whine and not enough grunt. I could record sounds of a Cat C-15 6NZ, since that is what would have been in this year truck.

  7. Please make sounds that are more realistic please. Its a nice try but to be brutality honest they just ####. Sorry dude….but keep trying though…I’m sure your very close to making some awesome sounds…Good Luck!!!

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