New sunshield Daf


Skinnable, template include
Tested: 1.12.1

Credit: MatDom1988


6 thoughts on “New sunshield Daf

  1. Thank you very much! That`s what I`ve been waiting for! 🙂
    One little Request: Could you add slots for lights at the rear end of the cabin?

  2. Could you make one for man ?

  3. Nice Mods ! 🙂

    was when a Kelsa pack ?

  4. bogdan_uk

    Really nice mod mate. If you can and its not a big problem for you. Can you do it standart sunshields for all trucks skinable.
    Please. It’s really helps for skinners who doing real life livery.
    Thanks a lot!!!
    And good luck. Superb mod.

  5. Thanks!

  6. Matdom1988

    please, could u fix and update it to v1.20?

    it always red in background instead be according truck’s color paintjob.

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