New Tanker Cistern

Tanker Cistern

New Food and Fuel Cistern
Tested on 1.3.1. version

Authors: Sib3rius, SCS


6 Responses to New Tanker Cistern

  1. jim says:

    is the daf fix private? + love the trailer it looks really smart

  2. Joe Alker says:

    It seems to be the DAF CF by fenderok, which is available on this site

  3. jim says:

    it has a shorter 6×2 axle i would really love tht

  4. chatonopentelho says:

    very good, I just need a fix in tint (mat), to correct the effect of lamp access inside the vehicle (very common in vehicle mods)

  5. Showman says:

    Could someone FIX the textures, please? The model is awesome but the texture and mat are terrible, plus, the light textures are bugged or something. And another thing, could someone fix the “plastic” looking like texture? It’s not cool man… not cool…

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