New Textures of the Signals of Dangerous v

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New Textures of the Signals of Dangerous Curves illuminated and also the fences for v. 1.32
I improved the textures of the walls, signs, light poles and other …
I hope it works for you with all the maps by default, if you need to try other maps …….. Repeat the work together and fewer complaints will be adding more textures and lighting throughout the map one by one. …. Greetings kids …

textures design MG MEDIA GRAPHICS @ 2018

Mg Media Graphics ,scs


18 Responses to New Textures of the Signals of Dangerous v

  1. meiky says:

    Passwort ??????

  2. JoachimK says:

    Nice Video, but where are the dangerous Turn lights in it ?
    I will give it a Chance and downloading.
    Thank you.

    • JoachimK says:

      There is a Problem: The scs is only a “sc”, so cannot use it. 🙁
      You can repair it please ?

      • PitbullTasja says:

        is it that difficult for you to add an s behind it? you can edit the name and also the extension.

        • JoachimK says:

          Here are not only me and you, but also a Lot of User, which does not know how to do.
          So, for me it was not a Problem, but we think also to the Community. 😉

      • MgmediaGraphics says:

        arreglado .gracias amigo.

  3. MgmediaGraphics says:

    se puede usa en mapa original y promods 2.30

  4. GadreeL says:

    for people who download, just add a “s” behind the extension. then it will work perfectly.

  5. mike says:

    promods maps pink texture

  6. FilMit says:

    The manifest is not correct.
    Is it possible to make a mod, only with crash barriers, and nothing else?
    Nothing extra, just crash barriers?

  7. FilMit says:

    Mg Media Graphics, before you post a mod, do you test it for performance?
    Start the game, and look at the pink squares of the flare.

    • MgmediaGraphics says:

      por mi parte no tengo ningún error en promods 2.31 y en el mapa origina todo funciona bien,,sois vosotros que tenéis todos los mods con errores de gráficos y de automat .sola hay los archivos comunes original del juego los errores o bien la colocación de los mods son importantes.

  8. MgmediaGraphics says:

    por mi parte no tengo ningún error en promods 2.31 y en el mapa original. todo funciona y .para algunos no funciona y para otros si les funciona ……muy relativo en los mods. si tanto error tiene pues haber quien diseña mis mods .arreglaro vosotros …pero sin publicar mi mod sin mi permiso…..

  9. FilMit says:

    El mapa predeterminado, no hay un solo mod que contenga el archivo
    La prioridad durante la prueba fue la más alta, en la parte superior de la lista.
    ¿Qué hay de las barreras de choque? Si lo haces, te lo ruego, nada más que eso)))

  10. Aysha says:

    with your mod ets2 it’s bugged,all light they become bugged stop share garbage mod without testing.Dont’t waste your time and mb in your Hd.

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