New Trailer


Brand New Trailer
Author: Nikola Kostovski


23 Responses to New Trailer

  1. willy says:

    Nice one thanksNikola

  2. gefufna says:

    Make bdf trailer..please!!

  3. Fares Djebbar says:

    the best mod ever πŸ™‚

  4. Sebbe says:

    Another very nice trailer Nikola, aim wondering if it would be possible to make an oversized trailer carrying an Dumper?

    That would be so awesome!

  5. Bob Vila says:

    Does this trailer replace another one?

    • Forkilift Trailer

      • derBarni says:

        Hi Nikola,

        first of all thanks for another nice trailer! But as the empty version of this trailer also replaces the forklift this causes a “collision”. I have both of them in the game. You can see the small picture of the “new trailer” (this mod here) in the freightmarket, the discription said “Empty”. After choosing this trailer you have the empty one on your truck… I guess you’d better replace tractors or diggers, don’t you think?

        Another thing: how about creating a complete package with all your trailers in one mod? I use most of them in the game because I really like them. But alltogether with my other mods I have 28 files in my modfolder right now. This could be reduced quite a bit with some kind of “Nikola’s Trailer-package” πŸ˜‰ What do you think?

        • Yes.I have 2 mods that replaces forklift..that is the bad thing,
          Thats why the cargo at your game is empty…
          No i will not because,i’ll replace diggers with Helicopter or I must think for further..
          You know what….10 minutes before I read your comment,I thinked about making a 2-3 more mods for overweight and flatbed…and there will be Pack of Trailers..
          So stay tuned..

  6. Awesome Nikola, very cool, good job man ^_^

  7. Xzibit says:

    yo Dawg,

    I heard you like trailers so I put a trailer on your trailer.

  8. Mariel says:

    Good one mate.

  9. Mariel says:


  10. Joe Alker says:

    Just a point: Trailers being delivered to be bodied would be a stack of three chassis. Then they would be towed normally. but good mod.

    • Maybe its return trip,and you don’t have anything to drive so you are loading and deliver a brand new trailer …
      Have a little imagination πŸ˜€

  11. va7ek says:

    You can make a new arrangement of tablets inside the cab?

  12. trucklove says:

    that is loaded? … you were supposed to turn the upper trailer πŸ™‚

    • DAYZU says:

      Turn the upper trailer how?

      If he turned it upside down, the flat roof of the top trailer would be sitting on an uneven surface.

      If he turned the trailer around (so it’s facing the other way) the wheels would be sitting on an area that is two different heights (i.e. not flat)

      How he already has it is the most logical way to carry a drypan trailer on top of a drop-deck.

  13. Danil228 says:

    can you make this trailer for multyplayer?

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