New Transmissions v3 1.19 [All Trucks]


New Transmissions For All Trucks

6,10,13,15,18,21,22 Speed + Retarder

1.19.x Work

Have Fun đŸ™‚

Forever Alone


5 Responses to New Transmissions v3 1.19 [All Trucks]

  1. dheyson says:

    onde eu arranjo essas rodas pretas ? pode passar o link

  2. Tommy says:

    Hello!Can you make it for Scania R & Streamline Modifications V1.3 by RJL?I want the 6 gears Vision^^ Thx

  3. haam says:

    This is ####
    differential_ratio: 2.85
    # reverse gear
    ratios_reverse[0]: -6.30
    # forward gears
    # based on email from Scania
    ratios_forward[0]: 7.48
    ratios_forward[1]: 4.38
    ratios_forward[2]: 2.40
    ratios_forward[3]: 1.48
    ratios_forward[4]: 1.00
    ratios_forward[5]: 0.76 retarder: 3

  4. Mickeyduta says:

    Hi,does not work …

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