New Unloading Map v0.9

Map adds various points on the map where loading and unloading the goods. Add new ventures hidden in places where there was business.
Author: knox_xss

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27 Responses to New Unloading Map v0.9

  1. torben says:

    makes the game crash at start up not working at all

  2. Greg says:

    its not working

  3. bob says:

    It does not work. Game crashes

  4. johan says:

    wekt niet op 1.05 en ook niet op 1.1.3 en ook niet op rotzooi ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. viper21 says:

    it is working on version, but i can load any think FROM THERE! worthless!!!!

  6. johan says:

    ik heb maar hij werkt er bij niet alle mods er uit gegooit en nog niet een nieuw profiel aan gemaakt nog niet maar dit heb ik met meerder mods en ik heb het spel orgseneel gekocht erg vaag alle maal met ets 2

  7. Gorkal1ty says:

    Not working on newer versions too(1.3 Beta)

  8. mikasa says:

    This should be a beta version that have not been released.
    Official site is below:
    I’m looking forward to completion.

  9. Kenworth W900 says:

    GREAT idear though , i am getting so bored backing up to the normal plases , there isnt any challenge in it anymore .

  10. Stanko says:

    Please remake this mod,beacuse it so fantastic idea..but it doesnยดt work :((

  11. Ryan says:

    The mod doesn’t work for me either. I have tried deleting all my other mods but this one and it still doesn’t work.

  12. fuzionzv6 says:

    ok this dose not work `for me but i then rename the file to map.scs and did a new game then it works but trailer mods do make it crash v

  13. Greg says:

    fix the Mod

  14. Michael says:

    people, map modifications that add new lauding unloading points REQUIRE that you start a new game.

  15. pereira says:

    moi รงa fonctionne pas non plus il plante !!!! merci

  16. james says:

    I for one think it is outstanding. remove all mods in mod file and be sure the ORIGINAL map is in use.Any mods before you do the first save will derail it.I have added all the previous mods I had before this map, after I got my own truck in the game including trailer and truck mods and I have no problems. The use of delivery site not at a dock is super and we need more of this kind. It would be even better if pickup site were done the same way. It resembles the scania game. Congrats job well done.

  17. scott says:

    Crashes! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ I really wanted it to work!

  18. Regwiem says:

    MOD tool.
    Powered by Bravo.
    Properly install and remove all other mod.

    The Author Thanks!

  19. Mod-Loller says:

    – remove
    and maybe more
    – create new profile
    – put zzzzzzzzzzzzz at the begining of Mod filename

  20. Tom says:

    I found a mistake! I cannot go onto the depot because there is an invisible wall before me! Can you correct this?

  21. james says:

    This map rocks. job well done. Do you have any plans for an update for more sites. I run this more than any other map and np problems so far thanks

  22. jose says:

    a mi este mod no me funciona

  23. jose says:

    este mod ami no mefunciona como se podria instalar??????

  24. JONESY says:


  25. jeroen says:

    Do not use this mod it will destroy your savegame i had to start all over again with a new profile.The game say this mod is from bad quality so dont use it or u can start all over again like i have now.This mod is very weak so dont use it

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