New Vegetation


Added new grass and trees

Tested with: ProMods 1.71, TSM 5.1.2, default, and Orient Express 3.3

Author: knox_xss


7 Responses to New Vegetation

  1. Krysler says:

    Works with RusMap 1.3.5?

  2. Watermark says:

    This still has the shadows and visual artifacts as the previous version, so no good for me.

  3. MirmoZibang says:

    Video ?

  4. Faaiqaw says:

    work with MHA 1.5??

  5. Karina says:

    Nice trees. Thank you.

  6. Vladimir says:

    I fixed and upgraded this mod! Why am I not listed?

    Author: fixed and upgraded vovangt4

  7. Marecki says:

    Vegetaion looks great, but unfortunately there is something wrong with shadows falling on the road – they are strangely shivering…Could you please fix that?

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