New Vegetation


Added new grass and trees

Tested with: ProMods 1.71, TSM 5.1.2, default, and Orient Express 3.3

Author: knox_xss


7 thoughts on “New Vegetation

  1. Works with RusMap 1.3.5?

  2. Watermark

    This still has the shadows and visual artifacts as the previous version, so no good for me.

  3. MirmoZibang

    Video ?

  4. work with MHA 1.5??

  5. Nice trees. Thank you.

  6. I fixed and upgraded this mod! Why am I not listed?

    Author: fixed and upgraded vovangt4

  7. Vegetaion looks great, but unfortunately there is something wrong with shadows falling on the road – they are strangely shivering…Could you please fix that?

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