New Volvo Editing V2


V2 Package Properties ;
– Realistic Tyres
– Hd and high-quality interior
– Console lighting
– 2 Engine option
– Skin Pack
– New chassis
– New Cabins
– Realistic Tyres
– Sasilere attachable light improperly
– Sub-buffer that can be plugged extra modified ba



5 thoughts on “New Volvo Editing V2

  1. There is an error in this mod:

    There is more no original games accessories

    1. I´ve got the same Problem.

    2. CrazyTruck

      yes, sure for that. no original accessories

  2. There is a problem with the interior. UK interior looks fine, but European has a texture error. Please fix it because this mod is great. I would love to do my volvo with the tools given in this mod.

  3. i have the same problem with the interior

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