New Volvo FH from Kingma surhuisterveen skin


The Punisher for sharing the mods Full paint Volvo FH 2013
and 6×2 5×4 sideskirts

Volidas Athens Hellas for sharing the mod Painted grill/engines

I made 1 mod of it with the paintjob from Kingma by Freddy Jimmink


10 thoughts on “New Volvo FH from Kingma surhuisterveen skin

  1. MontargeEtsSkins

    you stole my work i see every thing on that excpt the gold stripes and the lines. the logo on the side i made so you are a hacker you unlocked my skin.

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Your accusation is wrong!

    This skin is made by me and if You see (every blind man can see) it is a totally different skin!

    First of all:

    I haven’t unlocked Your skin, i never unlock skins by the way,


    Every-one can see that i created the skin myself ’cause of the real photo i sent with it
    and Yourwapon on the sides every 1 can pick from the Kingma website wich is for every NOT at the end (skin of the accuser) and the 0800 phone number is also wrong!

    So i hope to hear from people who see the real differences!


    Freddy Jimmink

  3. MontargeEtsSkins

    guess what? iv opened you file and and looked at the paint shop icon and guess who made it me i have evidence and im going to take it further.

    thanks Montarge Ets skins.

  4. Freddy Jimmink

    Also that says nothing and i will see Your lwyer comming

    And according the SCS rules: Nobody owns a skin! It is free to make whatever You like,

    Than my comment to You: Make better skins and keep them original!

    See You in court!

  5. MontargeEtsSkins

    oh of corse why would i take you to court its not that bad i was just trying to make a point which i believe is true. You have your own opinion and i have mine lets keep it this way but i know you have done this before and you our well know for it in the community so i know not post mods on this site any more or any other


  6. Freddy Jimmink

    I will make what i want and Your comment s worthless senceless and untrue!

    Show me waht You made of skins ey? I’ve never heard about You and i like to keep it that way,


  7. MontargeEtsSkins



  8. Freddy Jimmink

    Skin made by MontargeETS2Skins:

    (a good friend sent me this, probablye he hacked it)

    Skin wich will be introduced shorty as version 2 by me:

  9. Guys, if these images are available to copy from a web site then anyone can do it.

    The point is we the ETS community are very grateful that you make the effort to make your skins for us to use in the game. They are fun to use and makes the game better. There is really no point in arguing whose made the original. If you post on the internet people can and will sometimes copy. Maybe not always exactly the same.

    Best if you don’t want anyone to copy then don’t post it. Simples….But thank you again for all your efforts in making these game improvements.

  10. Nice! I wish I knew how to do that to the grill… Im skinning but I cant touch the grill. Great work.

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