New Volvo FH Truck

New-Volvo-FH-Truck-1 New-Volvo-FH-Truck-2

YouTube preview

Tested 1.10.x version

Authors: SCS, Джо, Ohaha


14 thoughts on “New Volvo FH Truck

  1. great! I like it very much! THX!

  2. Tribaltech

    chassis 6×4 crash the game

  3. show me the way to the next Whisky bar

  4. muslimansko govno

    link for the wheels please 🙂

  5. EXCELENTE JOB ! it’s what SCS cannot do… gearbox are perfect

  6. Great mod…Thanks!

  7. Can someone please explain differences between this one and the original one? Thx.
    Why all the mods dont have an info? WHY?

  8. When you guys will correct the Cabin Size on the 2013 FH it’s over sized, and this Great MOD need a little correction : Alpha on parts cab and wheels, bugs on chassis 6×2-4, you can add more accessories points on top cab too. Many thanks for this.

  9. bruno filipe

    It world be nice if someone couro make a curtains Mod for this truck and some backup Lights over the cabin to :p

  10. bruno filipe

    It world be nice if someone could make a curtains Mod for this truck and some back Lights over the cabin to :p

  11. There’re some error in this FH16 AI version, fix it please

  12. Tuning looks great, the best i’ve seen so far, but please fix the missing parts in basic model

  13. Don’t work on 1.10.1 how can i work this ?

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