New Volvo FH16 2012 v 9.0

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After one guy has said that Sharemod does not work, I upload this MOD in two places.
Nothing has changed to the last version (Ver.8.0)
I only add the MOD’s description
This MOD work 100% perfect if you have problems so try to uninstall your old MODs.
Have fun

Remon Pnoill Israil


25 thoughts on “New Volvo FH16 2012 v 9.0

    1. i told you you have no right to Review othre mod on my mod
      that is bad

      1. Well, for this kind of people, just click the link, and click that dislike button~ LOL.

      2. First of all Remon, he can post as many videos as he likes. IF YOU DONT WANT PEOPLE TO USE YOUR MOD, THEN DONT RELEASE A LINK TO IT. ###### nub and for the mod, it sucks. Only Volvo mod that rules is Ohaha Volvo.

        1. I give you 3 Words
          YOU ARE SICK

  1. Download links:

  2. Cristi Roth

    Is there any plan for adding a short 8×4 chassis?

    1. you already have it
      8X4 Midlift normal Chassy (short)
      8×4 Taglift long Chassy (long)

      1. Cristi Roth

        No, I mean a shorter one, like the one in the MAN 8×4/10×4 mod.

        1. No sorry, that’s cann’t be. Because the all 4 Wheels will be together without space.

  3. Great mod thanks!
    One question, where is plastic or glass on light?
    Only me have this problem or?

    1. Thanks, the light’s glass is there. no proplems at all. I used vehicle_reflection texture which is missing in the original volvo from SCS. That file make the truck more shining and at the same time make the glass very clear. So it will depend at the view angle you look at the light’s glass. But cabin glass it’s dark, very simple because I didn’t modify the cabin. this mod have two path files to read from. 1st one to read the original volvo, 2nd one to read the modify volvo. If any change will come by SCS update will not crash with this mod, it will update the 1st original path file only. then I have to make a new version with 2nd path file only.
      Hope you understand those Points. Programing staff it’s very hard. It’s not only making 3D change on truck file.

      1. I understand m8. Thanks for your hard work and great mod, cheers.

        1. By the way. I will try to make it look like the original on.

        2. sorry it cann’t look so dark like original one. but now I have made some change on it and you can see the light glass better.
          This change will come with NEW VOLVO FH16 2012 Ver.10.0

          1. Remon, you are the best !!

        3. you welcome soon I will release Ver.11.0 with original light’s glass color and other modify too

  4. The mod crashes out of the game for 8×4 chassis it

    1. This mod work perfect not just for me, for others also. You are the only person you say that it’s crash.
      Please try to remove other mods then try the game agian it should work

    2. You must have EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2 Ver.
      I don’t know which ver. is your game

      1. What is that so not it?

        1. update your game first and try if you still have crashing game, so that mean you have something wrong
          I am sure 100% its work and you see there are about 20 Youtube videos about this mod

  5. New Volvo FH16 2012 Ver.10.0 goming out soon
    Light’s glass has been fixed

  6. New Volvo FH16 2012 Ver.10.0

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