New Volvo FH16 Accessories + Interior v 3.2

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You have to download 2 links as tools and parts


Butterfly glass
Light boxes
New light places
In-vehicle even more accessories
And other objects


Last dragged
Backside staircase
Cabinet light logo
Curtain on side windows
All windows were shrunk

There is no accessory parts cabin was used as an example SiSL’s Mega Pack

Thanks to everyone who contributed

SCS Software, Eugene, Kamaz, Ventures, Bora, 50keda, DANZ, Jekich1, Piva, Knox_xss, AlexeyP .SrqN.

DOWNLOAD 8.7 MB New Addons

6 thoughts on “New Volvo FH16 Accessories + Interior v 3.2

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.26…

  2. Is it possible for you change the download link into a rar file instead of that it ends as html?

  3. hi there can u fix the uk side off the streeing it says missing texts

  4. Dont download this, this version has a bug so you cannot rest/use activate options lol Get the 3.1version instead. Both versions has this bug tho: 00:19:01.425 : [dx9] Texture (texture_reflection) not found in material (/vehicle/truck/volvo_fh16_2012/truck_17_szare.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/30153762c45e0a02ccc91eedab879d80.sm3x.fso) Maybe Author will fix that one day….

  5. Can you make for the new Volvo FH16 side skirt for liftable axle 6×2?

  6. Can you make side skirt for the new Volvo FH16 for the liftable axle 6×2?

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