New Volvo FH16 Accessories + Interior V4 Fix

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New Update for patch 1.30 made available

steering and animations corrected
chrome parts added to side skirts
new logo on bed zone
new objects fixed into the vehicle

fixed link for vehicle parts

SCS Software, Eugene, Kamaz, Ventures, Bora, 50keda, DANZ, Jekich1, Piva, Knox_xss, AlexeyP .SrqN.


5 thoughts on “New Volvo FH16 Accessories + Interior V4 Fix

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video test 1.30…

    1. what is jorgent97 HD? bad video!

  2. whats your problem hzhrm6 ? you are kiddy ? you dont must look jorgent97 videos !!!

  3. RHD+still+needs+fixing

  4. Cannot use it…

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