New Volvo FH16 Accessories + Interior

New Volvo FH16 Accessories (1) New Volvo FH16 Accessories (2)

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Version: 1.19.x ( but it can also work in older versions)

* Respect the download link *

SCS Software, Джо, ohaha, 50keda, Ventures, Knox_xss,.SrqN.


12 Responses to New Volvo FH16 Accessories + Interior

  1. YeahRaf says:

    Superb! Thank you 😀

  2. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Video on v1.19.1…

  3. ursturbo says:

    Great job!Thank you!

  4. Gary Senker says:

    So many FH16 mods out now it’s hard to choose the best one. This one looks like an edited version of Ohaha’s. Nice work.

    • JuanNyebeIII says:

      it says so right there in the credits

      SCS Software, Джо, ohaha, 50keda, Ventures, Knox_xss,.SrqN.

  5. wegger says:

    Super mod!

  6. Sultan says:

    How to remove wind deflectors?I tried but without success.

  7. Sebastian says:

    Great mod but unfortunately nearly impossible to combine with other mods (e.g. FH16 8×4/10×4) as the files are password protected. So I cannot edit the suitable_for entries to work together with other mods.

  8. wfwfwfdfdf says:

    LED Day lights your not open very Bad

  9. Giorgio says:

    Fantastic mod ! A minor issue, rework the gauges because they don’t work, they don’t seem to move.

  10. Setroix says:

    Hi i have problem, on defualt interior i have dashboard red (missing textures) how do i fix it?

  11. Bart176 says:

    Does anyone have a good template for this nice truck? I’m currently using Ohaha’s template but it doesn’t fit exactly. If possible I would like to skin the sunscreens for example. Any help is appreciated!


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