Next Gen Graphic Mod v 1.2

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-Even more SCS, ProMods, Poland Rebuilding
files retextured (roads, prefabs, sidewalks, terrain,
grass, water, signs, lines, models and..and..and…).
-New rain sound (int and ext).
-New Raindrops on windshield.
and much more…

MORE SCREENS:[email protected]/

how to install Mod and Reshade in PDF file.


DamianSVW, Rafaelbc, The Pixelgrapher


35 thoughts on “Next Gen Graphic Mod v 1.2

  1. is necesary reshade or no ? Because i have ets 2 on steam but i don`t have all the dlc

    1. The base and vegetation download links doesn’t work. (No such file with this filename) Can u fix it? Thx!

  2. nem jó a link …..

  3. Hubson PL

    When i try to launch the game it dosent turn on it shows up and turns off please help

  4. Hubson PL

    I did everything but my game turns on and then turn off after please help

  5. Absolutely epic work sir, 10/10 must have only issue i found was thunder sounds are missing

  6. Two empty links. I was able to download only
    Any clue?

    1. @Angelo:
      All links working fine here

  7. TheGreenlightTrucker

    WOW. Pictures & a PDF for Download. No thanks.
    Upload all in one & don’t be MONEY MONEY MONEY 😉

    1. Who’s MONEY MONEY MONEY???
      Mighty wanna read the 1st page in the pdf file and you notice all the
      download links.

      Or just stop bitching and do it better

      1. TheGreenlightTrucker

        So why he dont upload all in one file? Is it so hard? 😉

    2. The Scammer TheGreenlightTrucker the best modder in the world, wait no he isn’t. Stop trolling! U cant do it any better!

      1. TheGreenlightTrucker

        Sure, I can upload one mod in one file. Isn’t so hard 😉

        1. you are so d…b – he dont need it you are just to lazy!

  8. neranjana

    How download,install and review

    1. neranjana thanks but video and link for version 1.1

      1. neranjana

        i will update it soon

  9. Lucas Macedo

    Are previous version files required?

  10. Edvard_DAF


  11. Hello if i copy the link, i have only ” version 1.1 but not 1.2 , weird , If you have a link to the version 1.2 thanks

  12. Downloaded from SCS Forum works absolutely fine, great work.

  13. Thanks+but+still+version+1.1+without+version+1.2+(

  14. I+found+it+thanks

  15. There’s just one single problem, my pdf files don’t open properly so I can’t download it or follow any steps to install the mod…

  16. Hello again
    in what order in the s mod what priority ? thanks

  17. Thank you!!! wonderful work, you’re a genius

  18. Zatolkay syka svoy ebaniy mod s virusami v gopu! Pidr!

  19. Driverstein

    Tutorial how to download,install and configure this mod:

  20. Works on 1.28?

  21. does it work with the previous reshade? still have it installed from 1.1…

  22. JoaoCamionero

    Hi Base Textures, Vegetation, Weather, Sky and Climate SCS files do not exist, please update the links to the files

  23. the website said “No such file with this filename”

  24. Can you fix please this mod for rus map and southern region.

  25. did this mod can run in 1.31 version?

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