Next Generation Scania PGRS Pack v2.5.6 [1.49]

Changes 2.5.6
– Updated All Steering wheel and dashboard lights
– Compatibility update for 1.49

This is a pack of Next Generation Scania trucks. Mod based on default Scania R & S Series by SCS Software.
P & G Series and other stuff added, such as new chassis, sideskirts, roof spoilers.

Truck replaces default Scania R & S series, P & G series are separate trucks. Also, trucks in quick jobs are modded, and both EU and UK
Showroom models are new as well

DLC Addons
Mighty Griffin DLC Pack
HS Schoch DLC Pack
Cabin Accessories DLC Pack




15 thoughts on “Next Generation Scania PGRS Pack v2.5.6 [1.49]

  1. game crashed when i pick a truck.. dont download

    1. It works for me, you just have a bad PC

  2. Hello , thanks , no one mega Thanks for the cool mods
    Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family

    1. Thanks but am atheist

      1. Wietsegaming

        is the mod updated for 1.49 on the steam workshop?

  3. the game recognise this mod as faulty and incompatible

  4. Wietsegaming

    is this also updated on the steam workshop for 1.49?

    1. No (18-12-2023)

  5. James Dean

    Doesn’t crash for me but kills all my digital dash info though.

  6. When release on steam workshop

  7. Something wrong with wipers,
    they don’t wipe water off the windshield (1.49 new rain i think)

    And V8 chassis still dont combine whit Griffin pack deck plate

    City lights and oversize beacons still do disco party in cabin
    (some real epileptic ####)

  8. Oh, the wipers work great, I didn’t think that the addon for the interior affects the rain ( 100+ mods for one truck, mmm )
    Soo, we still have fenders for 6x*, but upper part fenders only for 6×2/4, from 2018 i think
    Gloss black side panels and windshield frame, cool. What about full gloss black mirrors?

  9. Painted old scania logo?

  10. Mmmm, painted chassis and tanks)

  11. Badges for new engines are not removed

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