Next Traffic Mod by piva

Next Traffic

Correct daytime traffic vehicle amount.
90% trucks have trailers
Lower safety by AI cars
Added cars little bit more aggresive

ATTENTION 1.19 only

Used “spawn_trailer_count” parameter
It is not yet ‘officialy supported’ in that case – work only on 1.19

Thanks “Supric” for “spawn_daytime_rates”

Author: piva


34 Responses to Next Traffic Mod by piva

  1. Dennis says:

    Thank you Piva

    Have used different but never felt good.
    This mod feels more like when driving in traffic in RL.

  2. putra says:

    always use your mod piva, like weather etc hope you make mega mod soon

  3. breizhdave says:

    works with promods 1.95?

    • piva says:

      If this mod have high priority

      • Maks-80 says:

        Good day! You will need this ODS to put above cards?

      • Maks-80 says:

        I apologize for my English))) Mod to put map above ProMods?

        • Faelandaea says:

          For any map. AI traffic mods ALWAYS have to be top priority above ALL other mods – not just maps. Example: Other mods that add AI as well, such as the Jazzy packs – these kinds of mods have to always be on top or they absolutely will not function.

  4. wegger says:

    increases the speed of trucks 70-80 km and add trucks agresive please

    Great mod!!

    • piva says:

      Increase aggresive make AI cars stupid – I dont wanna it

      • wegger says:

        No cars, only trucks

        • Faelandaea says:

          I disagree with the request. I tried one of those “increase aggressive” mods and all it did was make trucks almost shave off my bumper every time they wanted to change lanes in front of me. Car drivers are total and complete ###### – all of them (talking real life also here), but truck drivers tend to be a LOT more safe when it comes to coming in front of a fellow trucker. In ETS2, if you increase truck aggressiveness, they give you no space at all, and they cut in front of you by centimeters and then if they hit their brakes you are as good as slammed – even if you are not carrying a load.

          I think that Piva knows this also, and that is why we do not like such mod behavior.

          • wegger says:

            So, change the speed 70-80 km

          • Faelandaea says:

            Speed isn’t part of a mass traffic AI mod like this one. As you have most likely read from the notes on AI traffic and adjustments in AI files, the speed is adjusted per each individual vehicle, not a general DEF file. For example, the default Scania with 4×2 Chassis in AI traffic, which is defined in /def/vehicle/ai/scania_a_4x2.sii, line 7, has the following setting:

            max_speed: 90

            So it is up to traffic VEHICLE mod makers to adjust the speeds of their AI traffic vehicles, and the default SCS vehicles are already adjusted to go the max speed limit of all the default European countries in ETS2 per what trucks are allowed to go.

            So, for example, if you use one of the Jazzy Packs, say, the Painted truck Traffic Pack, THAT is where the speeds for those trucks would be. And all you have to do is open the sii files for each truck and adjust them to your own desire. It;s really easy and all you need is Notepad 🙂 But Ai speed won;t be controlled by a mod that is aimed at density like this one.

        • piva says:

          I will try in next release – have some ideas

  5. Zhuk says:

    кол-во машин оптимальное
    многовато автобусов, надо сделать поменьше
    может стоит поменять параметры светофоров, приблизить к реалистичным ?

    • piva says:

      Использую мод автобусов от JassyCat – так что меня количество автобусов не напрягает. Но возможно приму к сведению в следующем релизе

  6. Faelandaea says:

    Well at least we now havce a template for when SCS activated this feature, but in the meantime, by default the trucks already have around 80 – 90% with trailers, so the end user woudl not notice a difference here.

    I tested this by changing that last “0” to a “1” to have supposedly “100% trailers” and it has no effect. I still have lots of trucks running around without trailers. The rest of the mod is good, though, but be aware the game will NOT yet recognize the spawn_trailer_count parameter until a future date, and the devs said most likely they are going to change that parameter anyway.

    • Faelandaea says:

      Sorry for the typos. This site is the only site on the internet that doesn’t let you edit a post LOL.

  7. Faelandaea says:

    Okay so I forgot to add to my comment above – despite my not being able to get my game to recognize “spawn_trailer_count “, I absolutely do love this mod. The density seems right and the balances of trucks and cars seem right to me based on where I live in real life. Thank you, Piva. 🙂

    • piva says:

      For download mod I must registred on this site. This like a “sex afrer wedding” 🙂

  8. Drive Safely says:

    Thanks piva for this realistic mod. 🙂 Love the varying density dependent on time.

    For some people, you might want to halve the truck count to 7 (spawn_max_count: 7) in traffic_vehicle_type.sii to save on resources (if you have a low end PC or using high quality map mods your game MAY crash with so many trucks with trailers on the road).

    • piva says:

      I have low end computer – 14 trucks is normal for my comp.

  9. kimsign says:

    Good mod
    thanks you piva.

  10. Timoha says:

    Thank you for your mod! 🙂
    This mod works with the recently released ProMods 1.96?

  11. pipa says:

    Awesome mod. Thank you for your work.

    Just one small annoyance: I noticed cars hogging the left and middle lane of motorways/highways. Is it possible that they merge in the right lane once they are done overtaking?

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