NEZ map v1.0 (New Europe Zones)


– 3 new countries: Spain, Andorra and Ukranie
– 11 new cities:
Spain: Zaragoza, Guadalajara (WIP) y Sort
Andorra: Andorra La Vella
Ukranie: Zmenrrynka, Vinnycja (WIP), Starokostyantyniv, Drohobyc y Lviv
– Diferent roads.
– Unique intersections.
– Provisional connection to Europe with a ferry form Narbonne to Calais.



63 Responses to NEZ map v1.0 (New Europe Zones)

  1. Sven says:

    Läuft die Map mit der EU Map von Alex zusammen????

  2. Bikkel says:

    don’t works on 1.11 MHAPro map EU 1.5.1

  3. Gregory says:

    With which other map is your map compatible and please show a video… Yhank you!

  4. Adamsich says:

    Is the going east dlc required?

  5. White461 says:

    map incorrectly Packed zip it is necessary to store WITHOUT COMPRESSION

    in the map a lot of bugs and crashes from the game

  6. GOGA says:

    архив повреждён или имеет не известный формат.

  7. Gejan says:

    Werkt het met EU Map v 1.5 ??

  8. Gregory says:
    Ik heb geprobeerd lid te worden van t forum waar de maker van de map mod actief is, maar dat is helaas niet gelukt…
    Vind de info die we krijgen niet toereikend.

    • John says:

      inderdaad vaak sumier
      (eindelijk iemand die Nederlands spreekt hier.)
      indien ervaren speler graag contact opnemen met mijn
      [email protected]

  9. Ivan says:

    1) Please write here on f… english language. If writing english so hard, go to hell and don’t post here anything.
    2) Everybody who make new maps, please NOTE is this mod compatible with DLC, TSM and other maps.
    So is this map compatible with DLC, TSM? Please ENGLISH ENGLISH, ENGLISH, ENGLISH, ENGLISH

  10. IvanGF14 says:

    Mods works wihout any problems. Comments only in english please

  11. Bikkel says:

    I think for map TruckSim Map Version 5.1.1.

  12. Nikon says:

    Hello everyone 😉 works with these cards:

    1.MHAPro map MOD EU 1.5.1
    2.RusMap v 1.3

    But the evidence on the link 😉

  13. Hitronic says:

    File damaged.

  14. Marcus_VI says:

    Is the eastern part of Ukraine (the one with the war) in this map?
    If not… I’m not interested…

  15. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

    Hey. That looks good. Can you make Portugal to?

  16. xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

    This works with Rusmap v1.3 right. I have Rusmap v1.3 and i dont have a road to connect to Europe ( to have the road i need DLC Going East, but i dont have). With your map I can move from Russia to Europe? without having to use the DLC Going East? Pls Answer (Sorry for my English)

    • xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

      And the map dont work. When i extract the files it says: The file is in unknown format or damaged. (something like that) please fix this. i really want this map

  17. radow35 says:

    verry good! works with these maps addons:

    1.MHAPro map MOD EU 1.5.1
    2.RusMap v 1.3
    3.Ro Map Add-On v 3.6.2

    • xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

      How you extract?
      I try to extract but it says: The file is in unknown format or damaged. (something like that)

      • Fierro says:

        Use winrar 5.10/11

      • radow35 says:

        don’t extract.. put the zip file in mods file ets2

        • xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

          I will try that. if dont work i use winrar 5.10/11. Thanks

          • xX_BLACK0FACE_Xx says:

            I try to put the zip folder in the Mod folder and when i go to the menu to enable the mod the map is not even there. Any help

          • radow35 says:

            i use winrar 5.01(32-bit) and ist works perfectly

          • radow35 says:

            you have the game original + DLC?? its don’t work if YOU don’t have the game original ets2 + DLC

  18. wezyr says:

    po co daje takie gówno,w dupę wsadź sobie tą mapę

  19. darex2521 says:

    Witam ten plik jest uszkodzony , prosze o poprawke pliku .

  20. carl says:

    please give a good rar

  21. LG-Buddy says:

    Seems like i can’t unrar the file, shows an error.

    i’m using 7zip.

  22. paul says:

    well I just downloaded it I use WinRAR to open it and guess what WinRAR can not open file because damage or broken come on guys put it right.

  23. MidniteTrain says:

    I think I will wait till all the bugs are fixed.

  24. carl says:

    please give a good rar or a good link…. or remove the download

    • paul says:

      Thanks fred map now opened and installed in game thanks again.

  25. carl says:

    Thanks fred be this link works perfectly …. no error in the zip … Thanks

  26. PSR80h17 says:

    Hey people, this map is not compatible with MHA 1.5.1 and rus map 1.3. It seems to be compatible but it overwrites MHA map, at least, this happened to me. I tried this config, in descending order: MHA+Rus Map+Nez Map. MHA+Rus Map work together.

  27. Gregory says:

    Well, it works, but you can’t seem to reach certain parts in Spain and France…

  28. Renegade says:

    I have this map with ETS2 + DLC Going East with (in Order):
    – Italy AddON 1.2
    – Nez
    – RusMap 1.3

    RoAddOn 3.6.2 crashed road between Poland – Belarus and Poland – Ukraine

  29. Liam Whibberley says:

    When I went on to menu kept crashing

  30. paul says:

    I tried to do my first job today got to ferry port no connection to where I needed to go when they should have been come on guys put it right

  31. IvanGF14 says:


  32. Julian Vladichki says:

    in the next versions can you add Bulgaria on the map pls 🙂 because i really want to drive in my own country

  33. rw_dk says:

    At version 1.11.1 including DLC Going East, MHA Promap EU 1.5 and rusmap_ver_1.3 the mod works fine regarding the Spanish part. Very challenging driving there.

    But every time I’m closing in at L’viv in Belarus, the game crashes. The exact position is the highway intersection right before reaching the city (from west going east).

    • IvanGF14 says:

      Lviv is on Ukranie, no Belarus. Im going to check this now. Thanks for reporting

  34. Julio says:

    I have instaled TSM map n i instaled this map too,

    and in loading screen game Crash

    this map ist not compatible with TSM map??

    =========================== sory for my bad english

    • Anonimus says:

      Serious? Are u retard? 2 maps with south of europe not work…

  35. Amar Pawar says:

    YOu are great … Spain and Andora are epic.. Only 1 thing , pls remove those containers from Port. And please please please add more cities. Epic challanging map

  36. andres says:

    beunas amigo le ago una pregunta este mod sirve para la vercion 1.12 gracias

  37. Agung1603 says:

    this map go to spain?

  38. ardi3204 says:

    yes gung

  39. ardi3204 says:

    no gung

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