NEZ map v1.1


Hi, here’s the new version of my map mod
What’s new in this version?
-My map is now connected to Europe by a road in Lyon
-Fixed road bugs in Sort
-Narbonne is now completed.

IvanGF14: Map
FLD, Zepelin3 and Bluemodels for his new prefabs, models and sings


26 thoughts on “NEZ map v1.1

  1. Nickbum1 (RUS)


    1. Yes,the map is compatible with the update 1.11-1.12.

      1. Nickbum1 (RUS)

        Thank you 😉

  2. EdwartHUN

    Map working with 1.11.x and 1.12.x

  3. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. I tried this map with the 1.12.1 version of ETS2. No other map was added on. I was able to complete a delivery between Lublin & Drohobyc only through driving the route manually because, the gps couldn’t plot the route. After that, when the game tried to load the quick jobs, it started to crash. Here’s what I received in the game log,

    Company item without company assignment! (-33898.8 183.348 41723.9)
    Company item without company assignment! (49806.1 109.418 3607.7)
    Company item without company assignment! (49626 110.578 3696.77)

    Unable to find route from: company.volatile.posped.vinnycja to bcp(vinnycja)!
    Unable to find route from: company.volatile.bcp.vinnycja to posped(vinnycja)!
    Unable to find route from: company.volatile.tradeaux.zaragoza to posped(zaragoza)!
    Unable to find route from: company.volatile.posped.zaragoza to tradeaux(zaragoza)!

    [fs] Failed to open file “/automat/58/d653bdb426af015888725dcd2c324af6072114.mat” in the read_only mode
    [resource_task] Can not open ‘/automat/58/d653bdb426af015888725dcd2c324af6072114.mat’

    1. Thank YOu Experimental Trucker

  4. this map work whith 1.10.1?

    1. No, only 1.11 or 1.12

  5. scania164lfan

    Good map

  6. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. I didn’t want to give up on the map because I ran into a few bugs. So, I’m starting off on the other side of the map from where I encountered crashing of the game in my previous post/comment.

    1st video uploaded….

  7. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. So far, I’m able to continue in the map

    2nd video uploaded…

  8. Im sory i downloaded the map and i cant extrack it, its file not found arcive/ damaged

    extrack file or i should to rename file to .scs???

  9. Julian Vladichki

    Hi, in the next versions can you add Bulgaria on the map because this map is very close to this country and i will be very happy to drive there pls 🙂

  10. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. I’m starting to have a bit of fun with this map…

    3rd video uploaded…….

    @julio, just a thought, did you check to see if the full 287mb was downloaded? for some reasons the download will finish without all the information in the file(s). Try to download the file again & see what happens.

    1. Hi Experimental Trucker, which kind of gearbox are you using?! Is that a mod?!

  11. AlexCrazy

    IvanGF14, please make your map compatible with ProMOds & Poland Rebuilding
    on your map road to Lviv is on same place that Przemysl on Poland and it is impossiиду to connect maps

    1. Sorry but is not possible to make compatible the maps
      among them. I really want, but i cant.

      1. Ok, finaly Promods works with my map.

  12. AlexCrazy

    Promods yes, but Poland Rebuilding don’t 🙁
    maybe You can move a little Ukrainian part of the map

  13. Julian Vladichki

    What about the making of Bulgarian map pls answer ?

  14. Kyran Tankard

    is there any chance that you can make me a map mod

  15. Compatible with MHA Eu Map and russia map?

    1. YEah please respond…

  16. [BG]Flash

    Working with ProMods last version (dont know Poland rebuilding, dont have this mod) and Russia map last version.

  17. scania164lfan

    That russia not workiing

  18. Juli Vladichki

    tu rispondi in italiano ?

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